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Live, Celebrate and Balloons...

Live, Celebrate and Balloons...

Uptown Balloons Westchester NY

Where it all comes together!    

Clusters of Fun...

Clusters of Fun...

The Classic Balloon Sphere works great indoor or outdoor

A Dozen Balloons Well Assembled

Tradition in full color

Tradition in full color

The Serpentine Balloon Arch

A Balloon Cultural Design

Colorful Sculptures

Colorful Sculptures

Balloon sculptures that changes the party

Balloons for all ages!

Dressing for the Occasion

Dressing for the Occasion

Large Balloons for a main event.

A great way to exhibit elegance to an open indoor space.  

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Decorating and Delivering in NYC and all of Westchester   
Making customers happy is what we do! We deliver to NYC and all towns in Westchester which include: Bronxville, Eastchester, Tuckahoe, Hartsdale,
Scarsdale, White Plains, Pelham, Hasting on Hudson, Yonkers, Mt Kisco, Ardsley, Tarrytown & more.  Give us a call to receive more information!


The Uptown Balloon Choice 
From Grand Ballrooms to our own backyards, balloons give that edge in creating the perfect atmosphere
for special events. Festive, elegant, and fun, balloons are great in defining some of our best times.
Balloons have been called upon for over 70 years to give that awesome visual effect to millions of events
all over the world. If we take a close look, we can always see balloons front and center at places like
political campaigns, holiday parties, business conferences, birthdays, weddings, anniversary’s, grand
openings, parades, sporting events... the list goes on. Balloons have made their way into history and to
our hearts. They reveal that special feel when present, and surely always can brighten any occasion.

Uptown Balloon brings this service with over 15 years of experience in the balloon decorating business.
We are truly committed in displaying our creative skills for each and every event and delivery. We also
offer special rates which provide our customers with some of the best deals in town!


Decorating in NYC
since 1994
A Great Balloon source in the Tri-State   

Latex or Mylar Balloons 
Latex Balloons are made of natural rubber which gives it the ability for it's elasticity shape to adjust in 
volume. When inflated with helium, a latex balloon can float for about 10 to 12 hours in an 11 inch size.   
If filled with air, the latex balloon will usually hold their size and shape for a longer period of time but   
compromises the flight with no float.   

Mylar Balloons take a different approach with it's obvious silver foil material. Mylars are made of thin,
unstretchable, less permeable metalized plastic nylon, and depending on its size when filled with helium
can float for about two weeks.


The Balloon Bouquet
The popular Balloon Bouquet enhances events with proficiency and is the perfect compliment to many 
themes and its surroundings. When used as floor or table centerpieces, they stand as tall as desired     
and mirror perfectly to the neighboring bouquets with uniformed consistency. Balloon Bouquets exhibit   
endless possibilities in creativity with many colors and balloon types to choose from. Elegant or just                     
pure fun, balloon bouquets is an excellent choice in party decorating.