GalleryUptown Balloons image collection

  • image Designs that work during current outdoor conditions

    Outdoor Performance

  • image Focusing on visual without compromising your event's theme

    Visual Displaying

  • image Decorationg with consistency in precise size and level

    Measuring up

  • image Creating our own theme color balloon weights

    Custom Mylar weights

  • image Engaging with venue theme

    theme trend

  • image Using only the most reliable and best looking balloons... Qualetex© Brand

    Relying on Quality

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Archesoutdoor and indoor balloon arches


balloon arch33

balloon arch31

balloon arch35

balloon arch34

balloon arch10

balloon arch49

balloon arch8

balloon arch9

balloon arch48

balloon arch13

balloon arch18

balloon arch19

balloon arch24

balloon arch27

balloon arch28

balloon arch32

balloon arch21

balloon arch36

balloon arch55

balloon arch30

balloon arch59

balloon arch15

balloon arch14

balloon arch20

balloon arch41

balloon arch39

balloon arch38

balloon arch42

balloon arch45

Columnsoutdoor and indoor latex balloon columns

uptown balloon columns1

balloon columns2

balloon columns4

balloon columns6

balloon columns7

balloon columns31

balloon columns13

balloon columns14

balloon columns30

balloon columns17

balloon columns21

balloon columns5

balloon columns8

balloon columns9

balloon columns10

balloon columns11

balloon columns29

balloon columns16

balloon columns20

balloon columns24


Centerpiecesoutdoor and indoor balloon display

uptown balloon centerpiece1

balloon centerpiece2

balloon centerpiece3

balloon centerpiece4

balloon centerpiece5

balloon centerpiece6

balloon centerpiece7

balloon centerpiece8

balloon centerpiece9

balloon centerpiece10

balloon centerpiece11

balloon centerpiece12

balloon centerpiece13

balloon centerpiece31

balloon centerpiece15

balloon centerpiece16

balloon centerpiece17

balloon centerpiece18

balloon centerpiece19

balloon centerpiece20

balloon centerpiece21

balloon centerpiece22

balloon centerpiece23

balloon centerpiece24

balloon centerpiece25

balloon centerpiece26

balloon centerpiece27

balloon centerpiece28

balloon centerpiece46

balloon centerpiece30

balloon centerpiece47

balloon centerpiece37

balloon centerpiece33

balloon centerpiece35

balloon centerpiece34


Spheresballoon clusters

uptown balloon spheres1

balloon columns2

balloon columns4

balloon columns6

balloon columns7

balloon columns12

balloon columns16

balloon columns14

balloon columns15

balloon columns17

balloon columns21

balloon columns5

balloon columns8

balloon columns9

balloon columns10


Loose Balloonstraditional ceiling decor

uptown balloon loose balloons22

balloon loose balloons2

balloon loose balloons4

balloon loose balloons5

balloon loose balloons6

balloon loose balloons7

balloon loose balloons8

balloon loose balloons9

balloon loose balloons10

balloon loose balloons23

balloon loose balloons12

balloon loose balloons13

balloon loose balloons14

balloon loose balloons15

balloon loose balloons16


Sculpturesballoon creations

uptown balloon sculptures18

balloon sculptures2

balloon sculptures3

balloon sculptures4

balloon sculptures5

balloon sculptures6

balloon sculptures7

balloon sculptures1

balloon sculptures23

balloon sculptures9

balloon sculptures19

balloon sculptures10

balloon sculptures24

balloon sculptures12

balloon sculptures13

balloon sculptures14

balloon sculptures15

balloon sculptures21

balloon sculptures17

balloon sculpture 20