Terms and Conditionsfor our customers

Deposit / Payment

Reserving a date and time of service from Uptown Balloons requires a non-refundable deposit. The amount of the deposit will differ depending on the final price for your event. The remaining balance is to be paid 15 days prior from the day of your event. Any checks that bounce will have a flat fee of $30.


Cancellation must be made 15 days before the scheduled event in a written format, supervised and agreed by both parties. No fees will be applied and the correspondent credit can be transferred to an upcoming event that Uptown Balloons may service you within the following 12 months from the day you paid your scheduled event. If the cancellation is made within 15 days before your scheduled event you will forfeit your credit.


Duration, services and the structure of the event are subject to change by Uptown Balloons for any reason. Clients will be notified. This includes weather patterns changes, unforeseen, catastrophes or natural forces or any other circumstances in which Uptown Balloons identifies the existence of danger or any possible inconvenience. When booked to decorate or perform on privately owned property (Park, Restaurant, Catering hall etc.,) the customer must get permission to have our services present, no refunds will be given if the owners of the property prevents Uptown Balloons to carry on with the specific services booked by the client.


All terms on this contract are specifically clear for both parties. No changes, modifications or additions to the previously stated will be made unless these are recognized in a written format, supervised and agreed by both parties. Our employees or performers are not authorized to modify the terms of this contract.

Residential Deliveries

With most residential deliveries, we attempt to call the residence and coordinate a delivery time, ensuring that someone will be home to accept the order. This call may be made as early as 24 hours prior to the scheduled delivery time. If no one answers, we will leave a call back number. We will not proceed until contact is made, which can result in the delivery being made later than scheduled or a future date. Consequently, it is important that a correct phone number for the recipient mobile or residence telephone be provided. We will make every effort to be discrete in our effort to coordinate a delivery time, however, customers are forewarned that this process does pose a risk of exposing an intended surprise.

In some cases, extenuating circumstances may result in the delivery being attempted without first calling. If no one is available to accept the delivery, the balloons will be left if there is a safe location made possible. If it is not practical to leave the balloons, a note will be left on the door advising the recipient that a delivery was attempted, or a message to this effect will be left on the recipient's phone. The order will be redelivered to a date and time in which Uptown Balloons and the customer agree upon.

School Deliveries

Many schools have restrictions on balloon deliveries. Please contact the respective institution for approval, prior to ordering.

Hotel Deliveries

For security reasons, we are unable to deliver balloons directly to the room of a guest. All hotel deliveries for guests are left with the concierge, the front desk, or the loading dock, depending on the hotel's policy. Once the balloons have been delivered to one of these locations, we consider the delivery accomplished. Customers sending balloons to hotel guests are encouraged to contact the hotel to confirm that the balloons have been transferred to the guest by hotel personnel.

Deliveries to Government or Company Secured Facilities

In many high-rise office buildings and other facilities with restricted access, we are usually required to meet the recipient or representative associated with the recipient at the lobby's main desk to submit delivery or to be escorted by recipient to agreed destination within the facility. In other instances we are directed to submit the balloons to a receptionist or mail room clerk; in this scenario, we will attempt to leave a message with the recipient advising that a delivery has been made and is ready for pick-up. Once the balloons have been delivered to a building personnel, we consider the delivery accomplished.

Hospital Deliveries

Latex balloons may not be permitted in some hospitals due to latex allergy liability issues. For hospital deliveries, please contact the appropriate department for consent. Another alternative is to send a Mylar balloon arrangement which is preferred by most hospitals.